/  波傑克特三 — 許郁瑛
project manager : 佘以安 YIAN SHE 
album design : 陳吉寶 DICHUN CHEN 
illustration : 陳狐狸 WHOOLI CHEN
copywriter : (chinese) YUYING HSU 
                     (english) CHIAN CHANG 
Breaking away from the traditional jazz structure of introducing a melodic theme followed by improvisations, PROJECT 3 is a trilogy featuring more classically-inclined instruments: a string quartet, piano, drums and guitar. The album invites listeners on three fantastical journeys, each told in three chapters, painted visually through music.

Traversing from India to Italy; the past and the present; the urban and nature; mass and self ── PROJECT 3 is the culmination of quiet observations transformed into auditory fantasies.